L.A.E.B. Laboratory Assembly Electrical Board Ltd., was established in 1988 from the common passion of its founders for the daily challenges and the desire of search for perfection at complete service of their customers.

Thanks to its strong innovation ability, LAEB has now reached very high levels of specialization in the design and production of complete control, adjustment, supervision and automation systems applied to PLC and PC technology for the industrial applications in various sectors.

The high level of knowhow, acquired by cooperating for decades closely with worldwide known manufacturers of machines and plants, has enabled LAEB to develop a specific expertise in certain areas, having so the opportunity to stand out for the results obtained both nationally and internationally.

The technical area is composed by a dynamic and bright, capable and competent staff, which is responsible for the electrical design and software development with the support of latest generation equipment.

The software design department is completed with a test area, that allows the bench test of the software developed by simulating the most significant functionalities.

From the combination between the will to extend the service offered to its customers and the cooperation with company MEC SERVICE, specialized in mechanical constructions and assemblies, in 2000 was founded L.A.E.B.'s Group.

Thanks to this synergy, LABE is able to offer a complete service, proposing itself as the only interlocutor for any automation need.


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