The engineering of the regulating and control systems developed internally the PLC without any customized cards, is the added value of LAEB for most industrial applications with the following "FAST" benefits for customers:

  1. Fast restart of the production thanks to very short machine standstill
  2. Absence of customized cards
  3. Spare parts of international brands, available on all markets. All parts are easy to be replaced also by customer staff.
  4. Training to the maintenance operators is led and easy to understand

The versatility of LAEB gives the opportunity to bring its own experience in many industrial sectors, always ensuring the best possible result.

Special systems

Automatic winders for tubes


Automatic rewinding system for tubes for a perfect and compact winding.

Winders plastic-coated nets


Double system for rewinding of plastic coated nets, equipped with automatic computing device of specific diameter to prevent the collapsing of the coil.

Tricone winders


Winding System for metallic wire in tricone coil

Processing speed: 30 meters/second

Automatic packaging line


Automatic packaging line for tubes with option to set the following functions:

- Meters to be produced for automatic stop of the line

- Automatic stop when reaching the set meters

- Tube diameter

- Maximum speed, it is automatically proposed with possibility to be modified in function of the characteristics of the tube

Management of boilers room


Specific system for the management of boilers room, diathermic oil heating and water heating.