The engineering of the regulating and control systems developed internally the PLC without any customized cards, is the added value of LAEB for most industrial applications with the following "FAST" benefits for customers:

  1. Fast restart of the production thanks to very short machine standstill
  2. Absence of customized cards
  3. Spare parts of international brands, available on all markets. All parts are easy to be replaced also by customer staff.
  4. Training to the maintenance operators is led and easy to understand

The versatility of LAEB gives the opportunity to bring its own experience in many industrial sectors, always ensuring the best possible result.




Transport carts for warp beams and rolls for textile industry.

Possibility of remote control and management for diagnostics and trouble shooting.

PLC Safety for management of all the functions and the traction.

Operator Panel (see picture) with diagnostic indications and working parameters.




Automatic warehouse for the storage of warp beams.

Computerized management of the storage positions with the possibility of material research in function of the inserted code.

Intelligent management of the best store location in function of the weight distribution inside the warehouse.

Possibility of connection to the corporate server for managing and viewing of stored codes.