Wire processing

The engineering of the regulating and control systems developed internally the PLC without any customized cards, is the added value of LAEB for most industrial applications with the following "FAST" benefits for customers:

  1. Fast restart of the production thanks to very short machine standstill
  2. Absence of customized cards
  3. Spare parts of international brands, available on all markets. All parts are easy to be replaced also by customer staff.
  4. Training to the maintenance operators is led and easy to understand

Here below the LAEB applications in the wire processing industry. In the wire drawing industry LAEB has achieved high speed performances (up to 30 mps) with processing feedback by means of probes with max stroke of 3 cm , avoiding any twisting on the wire and greatly increasing the process quality.

Wire-drawing machines


Dry drawing line for metal wire.

Processing speed: 30 mps at exit.

Stranding machine


Rotating cages for shielding of cables for low, middle and high voltage


Stranding line, type arc/skip with high production speed, for the realization of rotating cages for shielding single wire or multi wire cables of low, middle and high voltage.


Stranding machine with central tube for high-speed production of compact cords.

- Max stranding speed: 550 rpm
-Maximum linear speed: 120 mpm
-Rewinding speed: 200 mpm
-Section for copper and aluminum: from 16 to 800 mm² -Wires Number: from 7 to 61


Double twist machines for bobbins from 630 to 2000 mm

Stranding for flexible or multipole strands

Spiral machines



Spiraling lines for steel coating of rubber, thermoplastic and PTFE tubes.

- Automatic and electronic adjustment of the thread tension for each bobbin.
- Thread tension adjustment both in machine standstill and in machine running
- Electric axis control by PLC - Accurate tension control for each wire from 10 to 60 N

Braiding machines


Horizontal axis braiding machines .

Possible composition of the line with one, two or three heads with 12 bobbins.

Management of the steps in electrical axis

Rewinding lines


1) Rewinding lines, for rewinding of a cable from a bobbin with bid dimensions to another. These lines can be equipped with:.

- Spark tester: detects defect in the isolated wire
- Lump detector: detects nodes
- Cutting unit: shears for cables cutting those having a diameter from 0 to 35 mm
- Cable marking: integrated in the line - Labeller: for printing of adhesive labels to be pasted on the bobbins

Taping lines


High precision horizontal taping machines with a very high productivity at 1, 2 or more modules.

The electronic control system is fully digital, assisted by drives in electrical axis, with settable ratio via field bus.

The operator interface is handled by a colors panel touch screen.